High homelessness rates

Toronto has been grappling with a significant homelessness issue, with a substantial number of individuals experiencing homelessness. As of 2021, it was estimated that over 8,700 individuals were homeless in Toronto.

Lack of affordable housing

One of the primary drivers of homelessness in Toronto is the scarcity of affordable housing. The city has experienced a shortage of affordable housing options, making it difficult for individuals with limited incomes to secure stable and affordable accommodation.

Youth homelessness

Toronto faces a particular challenge with youth homelessness. Many young people find themselves without stable housing due to a variety of factors, including family breakdown, financial difficulties, and inadequate support systems. It is estimated that around 2,000 youth are homeless in Toronto each night.

Increasing shelter demand

The demand for emergency shelter beds in Toronto has been steadily rising. Many individuals experiencing homelessness rely on the city’s shelter system for temporary accommodation. However, the limited availability of shelter spaces often results in overcrowding and individuals being turned away.

Complex factors contributing to homelessness

Homelessness in Toronto is influenced by multiple factors, including poverty, mental health issues, addiction, and a lack of social support networks. Addressing homelessness requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses affordable housing initiatives, social services, mental health support, and substance abuse treatment programs.



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