Press Release: Minus 30 to life for the homeless



 TORONTO – January 2, 2014 – As the GTA braces for yet another extreme cold weather lashing coupled with a windchill warning that is set to send the mercury plummeting to life threatening minus double digits, the Engage and Change Project Winter Survival initiative has extended a call to action for compassion to help provide the basic survival needs to those living on the streets. “The growing plight of our city’s homeless goes from critical to deadly in extreme weather conditions,” said Jody Steinhauer, Project Winter Survival founder. “We provide winter survival kits to those in need, including essentials to help combat the threat of death from exposure to the elements.” For more information or to make a donation, visit www.engageandchnage.org or www.projectwintersurvival.org.

                On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Engage and Change’s Project Winter Survival will package a target 3,000 survival kits for distribution to those in need through approximately 200 social service agencies, homeless shelters, and outreach providers situated throughout GTA and surrounding areas: 11 am, The Bargains Group Ltd., 890 Caledonia Rd, Toronto.


                Last year, Project Winter Survival received in excess of 11,000 requests for kits. Following the ice storm of 2013 that took the life of a homeless man, and the unpredictable cold winter weather season pending, Project Winter Survival anticipates a steady increase in demand. “Tragically the growing number of requests for kits far exceeds the total number of survival packs that we are able to fund through the generous support of our corporate and community partners,” said Steinhauer. “The call to action for more kits is NOW!

                Each kit contains such items as sleeping bags, clothing, food, and personal care items that often make a difference between life and death. Since it’s inception in 1999, Project Winter Survival has assembled and distributed more than 18,000 winter survival kits to GTA and surrounding area homeless.


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