TORONTO, Ont. – Canada Cartage announced its support and commitment to Project Winter Survival, an Engage and Change initiative that helps the homeless survive Canada’s bone-chilling winter today.

The event takes place on January 16 and more than 100 volunteers will come together to put together kits containing life-saving supplies like sleeping bags, blankets, winter hats, scarves, gloves and snacks and deliver them to those in need.

“Canada Cartage has supported this important initiative for a number of years and they are critical to this program,” said Jody Steinhauer, founder of Engage and Change and the Project Winter Survival initiative. “This program relies solely on donations and volunteers and without them, this initiative wouldn’t be possible.”

Paul Hanson, operations manager at Canada Cartage added: “We donate our time and resources to pick up and deliver 3,000 sleeping bags and we are fortunate to be part of this initiative. It feels great to give back to the community by doing what we do best – delivering products. This year, Paramjit S. Dhillon, a Canada Cartage driver, volunteered his time to pick up and deliver the sleeping bags and Mark Phippard and team at our warehousing division are helping by providing the charity with much needed space by housing skids at no cost and making room for the sleeping bags.”

About Canada Cartage

Founded in 1914, Canada Cartage is Canada’s largest provider of outsourced fleet solutions, providing dedicated equipment and drivers to both small and large firms. Canada Cartage also provides a complete range of supply chain and logistics services under its subsidiary companies including Direct Distribution Centres, Direct2Home home delivery services, and third-party logistics through its FMS (Freight Management Services) division. For more information, visit http://www.canadacartage.com or see Canada Cartage’s LinkedIn profile.

About Project Winter Survival

Project Winter Survival is an Engage and Change initiative committed to helping those less fortunate endure the hardships of winter by providing such necessities for the needy as: sleeping bags, blankets, winter hats, toiletries, bottled water and healthy snacks, etc.

Since its inception in 1999 and including this campaign, Project Winter Survival will have packed and distributed 26,000 survival kits to those at risk of death by exposure to the elements, and relies solely on corporate and community donations to meet the growing demands of relief agencies and shelters across the GTA.

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