Canada Cartage supports Project Water

TORONTO, Ont. – Canada Cartage has once again showed its support for Engage and Change’s Project Water.

The project gives bottle water to outreach programs to fight the number of homeless people who die because of dehydration.

Canada Cartage volunteered five of its transport trucks to help deliver 300,000 bottles of water to more than 150 front-line organizations to help the cause.

“This life-changing program could not have been mobilized without the support of our community sponsors,” said Jody Steinhauer, founder of the Engage and Change and the Project Water initiative. “We can’t move the water without Canada Cartage. Hundreds of thousands of bottles of water are transported in one day, and the logistics are complex. Their help is invaluable to the operation of this even, and the overall success of our efforts.”

Paul Hanson of Canada Cartage also commented: “If we didn’t do this every day, from coast-to-coast, it might be an insurmountable task to accomplish in just a few hours, but our company has the resources and experience to make it happen. We’re proud to serve Project Water – a great initiative – year after year.”

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