COVID-19 continues to heighten an already critical situation on our streets and in our shelters and we will do whatever we can to assist our vulnerable citizens. Please consider donating to assist in purchasing sleeping bags and essential survival kit items. These kits often make the difference between life and death on the streets.

Thank you, Jody!

The clients really loved the kits - they will help us build stronger relationships with people on the streets going forward (and give people much needed items!) Same with the water! Actually the kit allowed me to connect with the one gentlemen who was so upset and now I will be assisting him going forward. As you could see, some people just need to tell their story and receive some sign that others care. Thank you :)

I look forward to working together again in future.

My best,
Jan Krouzil
Margaret’s -

To The Bargains Group Team,

Thank you, Project Water is magnificent, as is Project Winter Survival. Your team is amazing, and we at Blythwood can’t thank you enough for everything you do to get the word out that Toronto has a crisis when it comes to homelessness and the marginalized.

What you manage to do is such an incredible undertaking and you always pull it off seamlessly despite all the big and little problems that occur to execute such a major event. - Jennifer Frank - Office Manager, Blythwood Road Baptist Church

The Engage and Changes’ Project Winter Survival has been a truly amazing experience and cause with such a strong sense of purpose towards our Community! I feel very fortunate to be a part of this initiative! Thank-you for all that you do! - Andrew Vassos, CIBC

On behalf of Nestlé Waters, we are proud to help such a great cause and work with such outstanding leaders. - Chris McNeil, CFO of Nestlé Waters Canada

In support of Project Winter Survival, I am honouring each one of my staff with the donation of a Survival Kit as their company Christmas gift. Please attach a letter to notify each of them of the donation made in their name. Thank you Jody and keep up the amazing work you do. - Priscilla Nesbitt, MHS, Best Western International

Thank you for the work you are doing with Project Winter Survival. I will share information about this important cause with a number of individuals involved in local homeless support campaigns. Best wishes with your extraordinary efforts to lend a helping hand during this time of the year. - Craig Kielburger, Founder at Free the Chidlren

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